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Get Your Audiobook Copy of the Dalai Lama for FREE!

Interested in learning about the life of the Dalai Lama? This book is a great summary of the life and history of the Dalai Lamas of the past and of the present. Excellently written by Dr. Ruth Carr and narrated by BobCat Studios' Cathy Beard, available today through Kindle, i-Tunes, Amazon and

If you are interested in receiving your FREE AUDIOBOOK, send us a message at BobCat Studios! Use our Voice Over Production page at our website, click on audio icon to have a listen, click on the image of the book to learn a little more. Then send us a message: I WANT MY FREE CODE, tell us the title and we'll send you an exclusive code and instructions! Limit one code per person per book. Limited codes available so contact us today!

Feel free to review our other books! We have over 40 different titles to choose from and codes are available too!

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