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Learn About the Power of the Kabbalah and Its Meaning for FREE!

The Kabbalah has long been a mysterious study. In ancient times, you had to belong to a very specific segment of the world's population to even read it: Jewish, male, over 40 years of age, married, and a lifelong student of Jewish texts. The reason for this was its mysticism and exclusivity to those who were worthy.

In our time, it is important to understand exactly what Kabbalah is. It is not a quick-fix. It is not a religion per se. It is not a trend or something to be studied casually. Rather, it is a way of finding spiritual answers to the most poignant life questions accompanying the human experience.

This fascinating book was written by Dayanara Blue Star and narrated by BobCat Studios' Cathy Beard and its available today FREE! Send us a message through the VoiceOver Production section of our website at Click on the audio button to listen to a sample. If you like what you hear, then send us a message, we'll send you your FREE CODE and instructions on how to get your book through Or send us a message through our BobCat Studios Facebook Page too! We have a limited number of codes available so contact us today!

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