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BobCat Studios Celebrates 23 Creative Years!

How time flies when you're having creative fun!

In 1993, Robert "Bob" Diepenbrock and Cathy "Cat" Beard combined their talents to form BobCat

Studios. "We worked together at KPNX TV Channel 12, the NBC affiliate in Phoenix," Bob recalled. "As Producer-Director I regularly relied on Cat's talents as Art Director to deliver outstanding graphics for our various productions."

Bob left KPNX to form his own production company and Cat departed soon after to launch Beard Creative Design. "In addition to my clients I was getting a lot of work from Bob," said Cathy. "One day we were working on an advertising concept and we realized, hey I do graphic design and you do video production, between us we have an agency!" BobCat Studios was born. Cathy became President and Designer and Bob assumed the role of Producer Director. "When we started we named the company BobCat Film, Video and Design because we wanted people to know what we did," Cathy pointed out. "As our reputation grew, we shortened it to BobCat Studios." The name has been a source of a few laughs over the years. "We've had some people call and ask if we rent Bobcat back hoes and ditch diggers," smiled Bob. "We tell them, we move ideas not dirt."

From the beginning BobCat Studios offered an alternative to high overhead agency promotional media. "We start by listening to our clients and determining what makes them unique and special, what they do better than anyone else," said Bob. "Then we take that unique 'corporate persona' and create dynamic promotional media that fits their budgets." This concept ended up working for dozens of clients for 23 successful years. "Our 'secret to our success' is we have fun and we help our clients have fun," said Cathy. "The 'fun' allows a flow of creative thoughts which always results in outstanding promotional media."

"We can't end this without thanking our wonderful loyal clients," added Cathy. "Working with you all these 23 years has been a joy!"

To learn what makes you and your business unique and special and how we can produce dynamic promotional media for you, visit the BobCat Studios website, or call 480-821-0223.

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