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Add Some Magic to Your Life with 3 New Books from BobCat Studios

Life can be magical if you know how to work the magic in your life. Available today, BobCat Studios has produced 3 wonderful books by Dayanara Blue Star on how to become a Wiccan, use herbs to create a magical life and home.

The Magical Home and Spells in Every Corner of It

Magical energy is not some myth that needs to be found at the ends of the earth it is inside us and lives with us every day. It is this energy that we shall seek to channel for everyday use. From good health to safety and much more, basic everyday magical uses are discussed in this book.

Wicca Herbal Magic

Herbal magic is perhaps the simplest and easiest form of introduction to Wicca. There are many herbs and countless combinations of herbs, which makes herbalism and herbal magic a lifetime study, but the basics of herbal magic and herbalism for health are accessible to all.

Wicca for Beginners

If you have ever thought you might like to study Wicca but do not know how to get started, this study guide is designed to help you. It is a Simple Guide to Witchcraft, Magic, Rituals and Wiccan Beliefs. While there is no substitute for hands-on learning, this guide is set to provide you with essential working concepts that you will need to advance your course. So try to consider this as a foundation on which you can build the future.

BobCat Studios is proud to have produced 7 books written by Dayanara Blue Star and narrated by Cathy Beard, and now available today for FREE! Send us a message through the VoiceOver Production section of our website at Click on the audio button to listen to a sample. If you like what you hear, then send us a message, we'll send you your FREE CODE and instructions on how to get your book through Or send us a message through our BobCat Studios Facebook Page too! We have a limited number of codes available so contact us today!

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