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How To Know If You're In A Healthy Relationship With This New Audiobook!

At certain point in life you might find yourself in a unhealthy relationship. Relationships are never rosy, something we all would definitely agree upon. Getting easily influenced by your partner and making sacrifices and innumerable compromises are a norm. Love sometimes feel so good that we simply ignore the red flags waving right before us. Scientists found out that the feelings of love lead to suppression of activity in the part of the brain that is controlling critical thoughts. Once we are in love with a person, the brain decides to reduce the need to assess the character and personality of the person. Romantic love suppresses our critical thinking and also chemicals and hormones like oxytocin and dopamine cloud our judgment. Many times when we get to notice our partner's negative behaviors we might minimize them by saying it is not that bad. Bad behaviors and attitude that are noticed early in the relationship tend to amplify themselves as the relationship deepens. Knowing that your judgment is clouded, it's important to enter any serious relationship with both your head and your heart. You need be able to distance yourself from the powerful emotions you're likely feeling in a new relationship so that you can notice any red flags.

"This is a book for our time! While doing this audiobook, I discovered that the Red Flags can be applied to all relationships, not just those that are romantic or lead to marriage. A book I wish I had read in my teens, clear and concise regarding how to read the subtle signals in a new relationship and what to do about them to help yourself!" -- Cathy Beard, Narrator, BobCat Studios

This fascinating book is one of 9 books narrated by BobCat Studios' Cathy Beard for author Patricia Carlisle and its available today FREE! Send us a message through the VoiceOver Production section of our website at Click on the audio button to listen to a sample. If you like what you hear, then send us a message, we'll send you your FREE CODE and instructions on how to get your book through Or send us a message through our BobCat Studios Facebook Page too! We have a limited number of codes available so contact us today!

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