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BobCat Studios Celebrates 25 Years!

"Hey Bob, you do film and television production, hey Cat you do graphic design... looks like between us we have an advertising agency." That's how BobCat Studios was born twenty five years ago.

We started as BobCat Film, Video and Design, because we wanted clients to know what we did. Later, when Bob was commuting to Los Angeles for special effects work on films like Fifth Element and Starship Troopers, we changed the name to BobCat Design. When Bob returned after these assignments were completed we had expanded, so "BobCat Studios" became the final evolution of the company as it encompassed all of what we had become.

"We had clients calling to book massages as a joke," said Owner Cathy Cat" Beard, "We even had requests for studio space!"

The name also led to repeated calls to rent backhoes. "We finally came up with the prefect response," added Cat, "We move ideas, not dirt."

Over their quarter of a century BobCat Studios has produced media for a wide range of local, regional and national clients, including the Arizona and Carolina Renaissance Festivals, Universal Technical Institute- UTI, the Arizona Cardinals, the Phoenix Suns, Basha's Food Stores, Earnhardt's Auto Centers, Harrah's Casinos, the Barnet-Dulaney Eye Centers and Dial Corporation.

"I remember a video shoot for our oldest client the Arizona Renaissance Festival," smiles Bob, "We were in the middle of the desert with a knight in armor on horseback, and one festival tent surrounded by sagebrush... Ahhh the good old days."

The thing that separates BobCat Studios from other advertising agencies and media production companies is we treat each client as an individual. Companies are like people, they have personalities. Once you clearly identify that unique quality you can create dynamic marketing that separates them from the competition.

"It's been a great quarter century, we've accomplish all that we dreamed of and more, smiles Cat, "We'd like to gratefully thank all our wonderful clients and vendors. We couldn't have done it without you!"

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