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Promotional Video for International Ferrari 2019 Meet

BobCat Studios recently competed post-production on a video for the Ferrari Club of America promoting their 2019 International Meet in Scottsdale, Arizona. The Meet will be hosted by the Ferrari Desert Region and the video is currently being featured on their website.

CLICK HERE or on the image at left to view the video.

"Since the Ferrari Desert Region in Arizona is hosting and the theme is Horsepower & Horses, we applied a 'Spaghetti Western' style with the music and editing," smiled Producer-Director Robert Diepenbrock, We also 'spiced it up' with some touches of humor and fun."

"BobCat Studios made me a hero," said Ferrari Club Co-Chair and Video Producer Peter Volny, "The video was hailed when we showed it at Watkins Glenn and the head of Ferrari Europe wants us to produce all their future videos!"

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