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Bob to Guest on AZ Creates!

Robert "Bob" Diepenbrock will will be a guest artist on AZ Creates! at 7PM on December 3rd. Host Laurie Fagen and Bob will chat about his 40+ year career as an actor, special effects artist, producer-director, cameraman-editor, writer-photographer and artist.

"From kindergarten it was clear I was destined to be an artist and a lover of trains smiled Bob, "We were asked to draw a picture, mine was railroad tracks drawn in perspective to a vanishing point on the horizon and my teacher soon told my parents I would grow up to be an artist."

Bob is a partner in BobCat Studios with Cathy "Cat" Beard who is also a co-producer and co-host on AZ Creates! Their latest BobCat Studios project is a YouTube series: Locomotion-Trains in the Movies. Bob will host as well as direct and produce. "I'm combining my love of trains with my experience in media production," smiled Bob, "I'm excited about sharing the fascinating stories we're discovering as we research and write the show." Locomotion-Trains in the Movies, will premier in January 2021 .

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