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Why work with the Cats?

Advertising and promotion is not "rocket science," nor is it a "magic bullet." It's a tool like any other. Common sense, consistency and controlled application will result in success.

Established in 1993 by combining the experience and talents of Art Director Cathy "Cat" Beard and Director-Producer Robert "Bob" Diepenbrock, our goal at BobCat Studios is to give our clients a choice. We can provide a full service agency experience with seamless and consistent promotional design, production, strategy and branding, or you can choose a specific service such as logo or advertising design, video or photographic production, writing, voiceover or a one time special event.

Whether we produce a complete campaign or a single element, we always bring the same level of commitment and desire for excellence to the table. As "cats" we have fun with the creative process and with our clients, which results in great creative collaborations and superior media.

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Specialized grooming.

Petting makes a difference.


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