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Meet Bob

Bob Diepenbrock

Director | Producer | Camera

Editor | Writer | Narrator | Photographer

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After graduating from Cal State Northridge with a Bachelor's Degree in Theater Bob spent 10 years in Los Angeles as a professional actor and director. It was in the theater that he first experienced the excitement of "art as language," whether as an award winning actor, interpreting the writer's word, or a director drawing an inspired performance from an actor.


Bob combined his theatrical and artistic talents when he moved to San Francisco in 1981 to work with George Lucas' Industrial Light & Magic Company, creating special effects miniatures for feature films including Star Trek II: The Wrath of KhanET: The Extraterrestrial and The Right Stuff.


In 1984 he accepted a position as a Producer-Director-Writer-Videographer and Editor with KOB-TV NBC in Albuquerque, New Mexico. His Emmy Award winning work caught the eye of KPNX-TV NBC in Phoenix, Arizona and he was hired as Senior Producer-Director, creating commercials for various clients and promotionals for news and programming, garnering three more Emmy Awards.


Bob left KPNX in 1993 to form BobCat Studios with Cathy "Cat" Beard. He earned a reputation as a Director that could draw excellent on-camera performances from non-professional talents including sports personalities like Dan Majerle and CEOs, such as Eddie Basha. He returned to the world of movie special effects, commuting between Phoenix and Los Angeles, producing miniatures for the The Fifth Element  at Digital Domain, Starship Troopers at Sony Pictures and Armageddon for Columbia Pictures.


Bob continues to create compelling video productions, promotional designs, marketing and audiobook narrations. "Off camera" he enjoys traveling, photography, movies, model railroading and classic cars.

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