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BobCat Studios Become Exclusive Contributor to Dreamstime Stock Images

The designers at BobCat Studios are very creative and always looking for a pawsitively unique way to express it.

Recently BobCat Studios became an Exclusive Contributor to Dreamstime, an online stock imagery company, providing images from landscapes, classic cars and unique background patterns.

Cathy Beard, President & Designer for BobCat Studios has provided Dreamstime with over 900 unique background patterns that are mainly created from tie dyed apparel.

Cathy's patterns are very colorful and since the patterns are seamless, they can be used to create wallpaper, fabrics, apparel, and packaging.

"We're honored to be part of the Dreamstime creative team," said Cathy Beard. "I look forward to seeing our work in future use by other talented designers! I use Dreamstime for most of my stock imagery needs. They have a much broader and diversified collection of great illustrations, photography and videos."

Dreamstime offers great membership rates, low cost downloads, and images for uses your imagination can think of. BobCat Studios invites you to check out our Dreamstime portfolio so you see if there is something that works for your projects!

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