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Locomotion Premieres 2 Part YouTube Series

After many months of research, writing and editing, BobCat Studios' Director/Producer Robert Diepenbrock and President/Designer Cathy Beard premiered their first show on the YouTube Channel Locomotion: Trains in the Movies. The 2 part series called The General: Buster Keaton's Silent Masterpiece, is only the first of many shows currently in preproduction at BobCat, that feature entertainment, history, stories, effects and behind the scenes information about trains used in movies over various genres from silent film to todays digital blockbusters.

Regarded today as one of the greatest American films, The General certainly ranks among the best railroad movies ever made. With its amazing sight gags and practical effects, it was a favorite of both Robert and Cathy who collaborated on the stories, research, overall graphic look and editing.

Robert, Locomotion's host, has a background is in special effects for movies such as Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan and The Fifth Element, is also model railroad enthusiast and has loved trains all of his life.

"I knew about Buster Keaton and The General, but I had no idea how compelling a story it would turn out to be," says Robert who did much of the research, script writing and editing. "It's a movie I never tire of watching!"

"I studied this silent classic when I was in college," says Cathy. "One of the funniest films from a true legend of the era with a history-making, real train wreck to boot." Cathy was instrumental in creating the overall look graphic look, plus handles the social media promotions.

BobCat worked with the Cottage Grove Historical Society and The International Buster Keaton Society who provided information, plus confirmation of various aspects of the film when it was originally made. "Our collaboration with these two groups helped us tremendously to ensure our show not only accurate but they provided us with more facts and back stories," said Robert. "We heavily researched the history of not only the trains that were used in the film, but the history of the actual trains depicted."

Part 1, which premiered in June 2021, tells about how the movie was made and Buster Keaton's career, while Part 2 tells a fascinating story on how the film was nearly lost, Buster Keaton's declining career, how both were rescued along with the preservation and restoration of the film and the actual historical trains that were depicted.

"We've received wonderful comments and responses to our first 2 shows via YouTube and various social media platforms," said Cathy. "As we develop more shows, we hope to attract more viewership and subscribers, plus support through Patreon too!"

Find more about Locomotion: Trains in the Movies on Facebook & Instagram at @locomotionshow. Like, Share and Subscribe to help the Channel grow at YouTube!


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