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Locomotion-Trains In The Movies


BobCat Studios is in pre-production on a new YouTube Series, Locomotion- Trains in the Movies. Hop aboard as we ride the rails through the fascinating history of trains in cinema and the stories behind them.

From silent pictures, to today’s digital blockbusters, we go behind the scenes to see how these films were made and meet the artists who created them.

"We've discovered fascinating stories about these films and the movie makers who produced them," commented Locomotion Producer-Director Robert Diepenbrock, "Did you know that in 2016 Jackie Chan made a Chinese train movie inspired by a 1926 silent film made 90 years before by Buster Keaton?"

In addition to Buster Keaton and Jackie Chan, Locomotion-Trains in the Movies will explore railroad movies of Steven Spielberg, David Lean, Cecil B. DeMIlle, Martin Scorsese, Sergio Leone.

Locomotion-Trains in the Movies. Arriving soon your YouTube station.

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