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Promotional Images Produced for Harrah's

BobCat Studios has completed a new portfolio of promotional images for Harrah's Ak-Chin Resort and Casino. "Based on our previous successes, Harrah's Promotional Department engaged us to create exterior and interior images of their new hotel tower and casino," explained Producer-Director Robert Diepenbrock, "We photographed over 50 different set-ups during a two and a half day location shoot."

The set-ups ranged over the entire Harrah's site, including a "hero" image of the new Ak-Chin Casino Hotel Tower, exterior panoramas of the site, multiple interior casino and restaurant images, gaming and bingo areas, six different models of hotel rooms, spa and exercise facility and hotel-gift shop and casino guest services. Images of friendly hotel staff and native American art were also photographed.

The BobCat Studios staff then took the over 500 digital images lensed on location and combined them in multi-layered Photoshop files to create stunning visuals of the new features at Ak-Chin.

"The 'hero' image of the new Ak-Chin Casino Hotel Tower at sunset combines over 23 digital layers," added Diepenbrock, "The techniques we use are similar on those I used in feature film special effects."

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